How Does Food Become Unsafe?

There are four main reasons that cause food to become unsafe for human consumption. I am going to let you know about lot more food safety procedures in this blog.
Time and Temperature Abuse
If any cooked or prepared high risk food is kept in temperature danger zone (41˚F - 140˚F) for than four hours, the food becomes unsafe for human consumption. Bacteria like to grow in temperature danger zone.
Cross contamination
When microorganism (bacteria) transfers from one food to another or one surface to another is called cross contamination. Cross contamination can be prevented by proper hand washing, proper cleaning and sanitizing, properly storing raw meats etc.
Not Maintain Personal Hygiene
One of the biggest causes for food to become unsafe is poor personal hygiene.  If food workers don’t wash their hands often can cause biggest risk to the food safety. I will discuss on how to maintain proper personal hygiene on upcoming days.
Improper Cleaning and Sanitizing
If equipments and food service organization is not cleaned and sanitized properly food can become contaminated easily, so that can risk the food safety. No matter how carefully food cooked or prepared, without the proper cleaning and sanitizing food can become unsafe for human consumption.


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